Health Awareness

Shiksha Sabaka Adhikar

In today’s world to get good health service is every bodies fundamental rights.” But unfortunately we are not getting it. In our country the most important factor is infectious and degenerative diseases. In addition the country is experiencing a rise in lifestyle diseases like Hypertension, cardiac diseases, Diabetes, Obesity, cancer etc. India is grappling with the emergence of other diseases also such as HIV/AIDS and food and water born diseases .A major portion of migrant labours that come from diseases endemic area settled in urban slums with highly vulnerable surroundings such as overcrowding, garbage, unsafe water, open sewers, stagnant water, poor immunity etc. for which neither Govt. is bothered nor the sufferings are aware. These factors are suitable for transmission of communicable diseases & vector born diseases. In addition to above other high prevalence of risk factors are smoking, alcohol, drugs , malnutrition and poor hygiene.


The Eduquest have Examined, awared and treated counseled an approximate 480000 patients by March, 2019 Eduquest have provided awareness on various communicable and Non communicable diseases through hrough O P D, organizing health camps, Awareness sessions, health talk, counseling sessions etc. Till date Eduquest have organized 90 health camps attended by 16920 participants, 1478 awareness sessions attended by 36365 participants Presently Eduquest is running four mobile dispensaries in j jclusters, resettlement colonies and villages of North and North-West areas of Delhi and covering approximate 600-700 patients daily. Eduquest have also worked with S O S Village Bawana, World Vision, HCL. And Nav sharshiti


Government and from Corporate

project ““Health promotion targeting lifestyle factors and danger signalsfor prevention & early detection of Cancer” (Ministry of Health Govt. of Delhi. Karkardooma)Approximate 3500 participants screened for different types of cancer by organized Awareness sessions and camps at various locations in North and North-West area of Delhi.


Project Mobile health at door step for underprivileged community

Eduquest is working in partnership with TATA Power Delhi Distribution Ltd company since 2015 . It is an going project for providing health facilities at doorstep in j j clusters, resettlement colonies and villages operating in working area of the company i.e North and North-West area of Delhi Four mobile dispensaries are visiting at 16 locations every working day attending approximate 600-700 patients at doorstep.

What inspired for Mobile health project ?

The poor people living in Rural / J J Clusters are unable to avail medical facilities due to:
  • High cost treatment
  • Discrimination and perceived unfriendly environment at Govt. Hospitals.
  • Lack of information and assistance to access these health care facilities.
  • Lack of awareness regarding diseases caused by illiteracy non-guidance at hospital level

Rise in diseases in India:

  • Substandard housing
  • Inadequate water
  • Sewage and waste management system
  • A crumbling public health infrastructure
  • Lack of financial resources

-Adopted unhealthy western diet that are high in fat & sugar. This causes increase in lifestyle diseases like Hypertension, diabetes, cancer, obesity etc leading to high mortality rate

– Lacking standard of health care. Poor public obtaining the treatment from unqualified practitioners who are providing many inappropriate and unwanted treatments.

-Direct purchase of self Medicines from chemists and using them in inappropriate doses

-India is grappling with the emergence of diseases such as AIDS & non potable water & food diseases.


  • To improve the health status of people living in J J Clusters
  • To improve the quality of health seeking behavior of people.
  • To provide awareness on preventive measures of diseases and healthy life style
  • To provide the importance of hygiene
  • Adolescent health education
  • To provide investigations to find out the provisional diagnosis on the spot like Blood Pressure check-up, Blood Sugar Check-up and Hemoglobin Check-up
  • In health camps providing general health check-up and treatment including Screening for Non –Communicable diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, COPD, Oral cancer and Breast and Uterine cancer
  • Women Health & Hygiene with special emphasis on menstrual hygiene management along with distribution of sanitary pads. Age- 12 yrs-45 yrs
  • Prevention of Non- Communicable diseases

Our Priorities are:

  • Health Awareness & Examination, investigations, diagnosis & Treatment
  • Promotion of community health and life style
  • To ensure enlightening of these inhabitants on issues pertaining to treatment, hygiene, Family welfare etc.
  • To develop sustainable community -wide prevention of Cardio-Vascular diseases educating people on Hypertension, High cholesterol and smoking and Diabetes in order to change the behaviour of the people
  • To educate the people on high risk behaviour like physical inactivity, Tobacco consumption (chewing and smoking), unhealthy diet , alcohol drinking
  • To aware women on breast self examination
  • To provide information on cervical cancer, HPV and HPV vaccination.
Our Activities

Community level:

  • OPD Services- Provisional / clinical Diagnosis, investigations, treatment and counseling
  • To organizing the Awareness sessions at locations to educate the beneficiaries for prevention of communicable diseases and early diagnosis of Non-Communicable diseases.
  • Awareness on diseases caused by
  • Awareness of HIV/AIDS. STDs, Sanitation, Safe drinking water, Water borne diseases, Open defecation, Women health. Menstrual Hygiene Management, Female foeticide etc.
  • Prevention of Non- Communicable diseases
The outcome of the project since 2015 – March 2019
  • Total beneficiaries attended four mobile dispensaries- 370392 at 12221 visits ( at locations)
  • Health camps- 30 attended by 4920 participants
  • Health camps for Industrial workers are 21 attended by 3872 workers
  • Health camps for Adolescent girls are 19 attended by 2627 participants
  • Awareness sessions organized on prevention of various diseases at locations are 1278 attended by 30335 participants
  • Awareness sessions organized at vocational training centres run by TATA Power Delhi Distribution Ltd. In j j clusters for underprivileged people are 576 attended by18746 participants